Tesco – #SkuadSiComel

Tesco, approved by the kids of #SkuadSiComel. If the kids are alright, you know its right. Cute lil ones taking centre stage in Tesco.   Teaser Video Tesco #SKUADSICOMEL Gembira nampak kanak-kanak ni. Kalau anda ingin tahu, mereka ni sebahagian dari panelis #SkuadSiComel kami! Tunggu apa lagi, sertai #SkuadSiComel di http://skuadsicomel.tesco.com.my/ dan nikmati pelbagai kelebihan […]

New Straits Times – Inspired by Greatness

Open your eyes to greatness with New Straits Times. Celebrating 170 years with the nation.   Credits: Client: New Straits Times Press Malaysia Creative Agency: Lucideas Creative Post-Production House: Astatica Studio     

IPC Shopping Centre Campaigns

A mall that’s more about the who than the what.   [2013] Christmas & 10th Anniversary   [2014] Chinese New Year    [2014] Happiest Families   [2014] PPKM Magazine   [2014] MRCA Magazine   [2014] Raya Radio   Print   Credits: Client: IPC Shopping Centre Creative Agency: Lucideas Creative    

New Straits Times – It’s Only Human

How news is spread these days. It’s Only Human is an expansion of New Straits Times’ current proposition of A Sharper Read. The campaign’s objective is to make readers realise how sensationalising happens in the real world through social media and word of mouth especially when “hot” news arise.   FILM Cloud of Confusion   […]

Kanvas SOHO @ Cyberjaya

Cool has just hit Cyberjaya.     Another completed project whereby this time it’s a residential development project. Kanvas is a twin tower development that consists of SOHO (Small Office Home Office) units. The brief was, brief. It has to be eccentric, quirky and beyond the ordinary. And so the birth of Kanvas. Adopted from […]