Tesco – #SkuadSiComel

Tesco, approved by the kids of #SkuadSiComel.

If the kids are alright, you know its right. Cute lil ones taking centre stage in Tesco.


Teaser Video


Gembira nampak kanak-kanak ni. Kalau anda ingin tahu, mereka ni sebahagian dari panelis #SkuadSiComel kami! Tunggu apa lagi, sertai #SkuadSiComel di http://skuadsicomel.tesco.com.my/ dan nikmati pelbagai kelebihan jika anak anda dipilih. Jomlah!These kids sure look happy. Why? Cause they are part of our #SkuadSiComel panellist! Send your kids to be one of the panellists and enjoy various incentives from us! Join now at http://skuadsicomel.tesco.com.my/ Hurry, hurry!

Posted by Tesco Malaysia on 3hb Mei 2017


Full Video

Tesco #SkuadSiComel : Brand-new Tesco Baby World!

Their reactions at the all-new Tesco Baby World says it all! With an improved range of products, you can easily find your favourite products and best of all, enjoy better prices! Thank you #SkuadSiComel ! Wanna make your kid a star? Join the #SkuadSiComel at skuadsicomel.tesco.com.my today!Amboi comelnya reaksi #SkuadSiComel ketika di Tesco Baby World serba baharu. Nikmati rangkaian produk yang lebih luas dan mudah dicari. Yang paling best, harga kami kini lebih berpatutan. Jadikan si manja anda seorang superstar! Sertai #SkuadSiComel di skuadsicomel.tesco.com.my hari ini!

Posted by Tesco Malaysia on 17hb Mei 2017






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